March 2020, it was a month of widespread uncertainty, accentuated by rampant speculation flooding from every news outlet.  Until this point, many people living in the UK had relegated the direst outcomes of the coronavirus to its point of origin, but it was getting clearer in the minds of most people that the virus was headed for our doorstep and here to stay. America had 89 cases by the 1st of March alone, by the 4th of March Italy’s total cases had reached 3,089 with 107 deaths. It was spreading faster day by day as trends showed that recorded cases were beginning to accelerate. Industries of all sectors big and small held their breath and waited for clarity in a frenzied storm of unprecedented global uncertainty.

These foreboding fears came to a head on the 20th March, when Boris Johnson ordered a total shutdown of pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and cafes. Any business that kept people together in close proximity fell under this order, regrettably bringing these sectors to their knees. “Now these are places where people come together…” Boris said during this address, “But the sad thing is that today for now, at least physically, we need to keep people apart. Gyms, of course, had no chance of staying open.

Three days later, Boris would address the nation once more; as of March 23rd, the UK was in total lockdown, the worst-case scenario so many had doubted had arrived. Now, not only were gyms out of action, but for the majority of people fitness was a luxury with no easy avenues of access. Clients found themselves severed from their trainers and trainers, in turn, had no way of maintaining their client base. For many individuals, free, flexible and accessible physical wellbeing was a lifeline lost. As a company geared towards the motivated masses of gymgoers, we understood this more than anybody.

Founded in 2012, Gymbeing had established itself as a reputable seller of affordable, functional and fashionable gym clothing with its own range of branded supplements, supporting our customers in the pursuit of their fitness goals. Concerned with the wider mental, financial and personal strains that this pandemic would pose upon the people of Britain, we recognised very early on the need for change and growth in our areas of expertise. We acknowledged that more than anything, our customers needed options amidst the pandemic that had exhausted them all. In pursuit of this, we decided to become that option, Gymbeing Strength was born.

What started out as a door to door service for dumbbells has rapidly evolved into our authentic, UK manufactured range of home delivered weights and gym apparatus. Gymbeing Strength offers excellent quality gym equipment at prices that you can afford, so that creating your very own personalised home gym is as easy as possible. So many people have already benefitted from Gymbeing Strength, with well over 5000 people already supplied with their own dream home gym equipment. The reviews speak for themselves. Gymbeing Strength boasts a diverse selection of strength training stock to fit your personal needs; we stock everything from dumbbells and barbells to pull-up bars and squat racks, so that no matter what you need to train we have you covered. We are set to bring out new ranges of equipment in the coming winter months.


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Since the lockdown laws have loosened in severity the public have seen their social and physical liberties gradually return, a well needed reprieve in a demanding year. Statistics show, however, that the virus isn’t going anywhere. On the 30th of September, Johnson reported the highest ever number of cases in a single day. This announcement follows a slew of ‘local lockdown’ cases across the country. This includes two thirds of Wales’ population. Elsewhere, London has been recently added to the Government’s “watch list” as cases continue to skyrocket, the introduction of its local lockdown coming further into question. Liverpool’s major, Joe Anderson stated another lockdown may prove to be the only way to regain control of the situation in the city, As of the 30th September, it has seen 1,306 new cases. Leeds entered its own lockdown on September 26th.  Those living in Birmingham, Solihull and Sandwell have been prohibited from meeting those outside of their own households since the 15th of September. These are just a few notable examples of COVID-19 on the rise as we trudge into the winter months, a second wave seeming more and more likely.

Christmas is now also in our sights. Traditionally the liveliest period of our country’s calendar year, there is no telling how the virus will impact the festivities and mass gatherings synonymous with the holiday period. It’s easy to assume that this traditional rise in celebrations could prove catastrophic for COVID-19 cases, which once more sets a dark shadow over the future of commercial gyms. One thing, however, is for sure- here at Gymbeing we’re more than prepared, come what may. We’re continuing to produce more of our signature gym equipment and bodybuilding gymwear to ensure that even in the worst-case scenario you’re able to perform at your best from the comfort of your own home. Our products make perfect gifts for the extra motivated gym lovers in your life at a time where they’ll almost certainly need it the most. Partnering with Clearpay, Stripe, Klarna and PayPal, we offer flexible and diverse payment methods for our customers. We’re offering 0% finance right now, also in the process of partnering with leading online marketplaces eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

Above all else, we recognise that for many people, physical wellbeing can be the strongest foundations for a healthy mind. That is why we’re geared up to support the UK in its time of need. With so much to consider for this year, let alone in the circumstances of COVID-19, don’t let fitness be an issue; shop at Gymbeing for UK manufactured products that you can trust.

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A word from Gavin Townsend- CEO of Gymbeing.

“Thankfully, I had enough quality contacts both in the UK and internationally, in the world of science, medicine and fitness who kept me well informed months before the UK was hit hard.

Painstakingly, I had to close down our new shop in Redditch Kingfisher Centre and consolidate back to our warehouse (where our shop is) to then risk it all teaming up with multiple UK engineering firms.

Within the first 48 hours of lockdown, I personally received over 4000 enquiries for gym equipment. This summer, we have received in excess of 30,000 enquiries from all around the world. I am personally grateful for all of those who have supported the business during this period: friends, family, customers and suppliers and we aim to do you all proud during this pandemic.

I am happy to announce that Gymbeing will be bringing out new gym equipment and gym fashion clothing ranges over the winter, also, will be giving all previous and new Gymbeing customers who spend over £200 a 1-year free membership on its new fitness membership platform.